Day of Mourning

“What happened on the 20th of Last Seed , 994 YK? No one can say for certain-at least no one who survived that day. Some catastrophe, certainly magical in nature, swept through the lands of Cyre, and nothing was left alive. "
-Hannibal Traven, Arch-Mage of the Circle of 8

In 994 YK the nation of Cyre disappeared in a terrible and unexplained conflagration that turned the entire area into a devastated region now known as the Mournland. There are as many theories about the nature of the Day of Mourning as there are people who think about it.

Some say that a secretive cabal of Cyran wizards called on the same forces that the giants had used to stop the far realm invasion forty thousand years before, accidentally unleashing those forces on their own nation. Still others accuse Cyre’s enemies of unleashing those same forces, but intentionally. Some blame the catastrophe on the planes-scarred, who had begun to fall upon their world from the skies above only a year before. Some believe that the Day of Mourning was a natural catastrophe, while others hold that its origin was divine – either a deadly warning or a horrific punishment from the gods.

Despite the escalation of hostilites after the destruction of Cyre, it was clear that the participants in the Last War had become willing to find a way to end a century of hostilities. Peace talks began in the neutral grounds held at the castle of Thronehold, the original seat of power in L├ęsonne. Over the course of several weeks the Five Nations were able to hammer out the Treaty of Thronehold, finally bringing an end to the vicious civil war.

Day of Mourning

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