History of the Known World of Orion


Orion is the name of this world, an Earth like planet with many real world influences. Unlike Earth two moons orbit the planet and it’s surrounded by a ring of golden dust. It consists of varied continents, islands, including Lésonne in the central supercontinent and the recently discovered Westmarch across the Grey Sea.


Lésonne – Lésonne’s long history. A tale of war, peace, happiness, and bleak destruction leading to the discovery of Westmarch.

  • The Five Nations – Aundair, Breland, Cyre, Karrnath, and Thane. The five major nations of Lésonne
  • Tinkerton – The nation of Tinkerton is the gnomes’ home. It is famous for its vast stores of knowledge and prestigious schools. Its architecture is beautiful. Its streets are full of color and cheer.
  • Lurien – Province of the wood elf (Bosmer) people, who migrated over from the Vasaraset Isles. Their major cities are located in giant walking trees the roam the forest province.
  • Stormholds – Known as the ancestral home of all dwarves native to Lésonne. For millennia, the dwarves of the Stormholds have built and expanded their vast cities within the mountains’ heart, and have dug ever deeper in search of wealth. The Greyforge Mountains contain Lésonne’s largest deposits of precious metals, and the Stormhold dwarves consider these riches to be their birthright.

Vasaraset Isles – The island-continent that lies to the east of Lésonne, homeland of the high elf (Altmer) people.

Westmarch – The newly discovered land to the west of Lésonne, discovered by the leader of the Explorers Guild, Baelgun Fireheart.

  • Valgarde – The only established settlement in the Westmarches, Valgarde is the obvious arrival point for anyone traveling to Westmarch.

History of the Known World of Orion

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