“On the 13th of Summertide 993 YK the first planes-scarred fell…”
-Hannibal Traven, Arch-mage of the Circle of 8


Much speculation and studies have gone into the phenomena of the planes-scarred. Near the end of the Last War the first fell. Falling through the heavens above in a great blue light like a meteor was the first planes-scarred. The armies near the Storm Holds at the time saw it, they claimed when it hit the ground, it was like a great explosion, turning night into day. Within the crater was a man, a gnome, covered in blue glowing wounds across his body. At first the people thought he had descended from the gods, but found out rather quickly the gnome was no godsend. He spoke in a strange tongue and and wore a strange garb, whispering things about three items of creation, he then cast great dark magic and massacred the men that had found him.

Soon after more fell, all throughout Lésonne, the same blue scars marred their bodies. The common people began to call them the planes-scarred. The Circle of 8, a great council of wizards, attempted to contain the creatures falling from above. It was then, in 994 YK, did the Day of Mourning occur. Many blamed the planes-scarred, saying a great ball of blue flame followed by four others, fell towards the ground before the cataclysmic explosion happened.

Today the planes-scarred walk among the people, some have even secured places of great political or military power within the nations of Lésonne. Some serve the Circle of 8, to figure out why they were pulled from their homes and sent to this land, some blame it on the gods or other powerful forces.

Playing a planes-scarred

The planes-scarred have fallen through, for whatever reason, their dimension to this one. You were pulled through a twisting blue nether, you awoke within a crater, blue scars marring your body


Living within the nations of Lésonne is rough, most look at you with either hate, confusion, or terror. Very few planes-scarred walk these lands, a place full of confusing new cultures and people.

Are you searching to make a new life, find the reason why you were thrown into Orion, search for friends and family that may have fallen into this land with you, or to discover the mysteries of this new world.


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