Dwarves, sometimes called the Stout Folk, are a natural humanoid race common throughout parts of Lésonne. Dwarves are a tough, tradition-abiding folk known for their strong martial traditions and beautiful craftsmanship.


Dwarves are widely accepted across Lésonne and receive little prejudice as they make a large minority in every nation. Dwarves can be found in all lines of work, from bankers to smiths to soldiers and politicians. Dwarves are sometimes stereotyped as gold obsessed alcoholics, which is far from the truth, at least for some. Dwarves hold their family and clans dear to them, so dear that throughout their history they have fought amongst each other and even to this day the Dwarven clans hold grudges.


Like many races, the exact origins of the dwarves are lost in myth and legend. While many non-dwarven scholars believe that dwarves are not native to Orion, most dwarves believe that their ancestors came from the heart of the planet itself, given life by Moradin and being made by the All-Father’s hammer in the Soulforge. These legends hold that the dwarves fought their way to the surface world, overcoming the dangers they faced below through strength of arms and skill.

Before Galifar’s reign the dwarves had settled and built their kingdoms within the Greyforge Mountains in the North-Eastern part of Lésonne, which they named the Storm Holds. Since then they have been in a long conflict with the denizens of the Underdark and the monsters that inhabit the mountains. The dwarves of the Storm Holds have lost much of their lands to orcs, goblins, and the drow. The dwarven clans also battled amongst each other over riches and power until Galifar imposed peace on them. Still, despite this, grudges still remain within the clans.

“Never again will the clans of the Greyforge serve a master other than themselves”
-Bronn Frostbeard, dwarven diplomat

During the the Last War the dwarves seceded themselves from the kingdom of Galifar. It was then that, for a short time, that the clans banded together to defend their new found borders from the other warring nations, tribes of orcs, and the monstrous beings of the Underdark. The resilient dwarves were able to hold their own throughout the century through forced cooperation between the clans, but as soon as the treaty of Thronehold was signed and the last war ended old grudges were rekindled.

Dwarven Clans

“Let it be known in this day of the Midyear, 819 Year of the King that this assembly of the Iron Council is adjourned. May stone always shield your head from sky and ale be at your hand.”
-Thorgor Longbeard, speaker and record keeper of the Iron Council

The Storm Holds are home to thirteen great dwarf clans. Each clan has its own stories, customs, and territory (which the dwarves call holds). Many years have passed since the dwarves fought each other in the mountains, but their memories are long, and the clans neither forget nor forgive the feuds they have with one another. Because of these long lasting feuds, the chosen governing body of the dwarven race is the Iron Council. It is here that thirteen leaders are chosen amongst the different clans to rule on matters that affect all of the Holds.













“We’ve dug our holes and hallowed caves,
Put goblin foes in shallow graves,
This day our work is just begun,
In the mines where silver rivers run

Beneath the stone the metal gleams,
Torches shine on sliver streams,
Beyond the eyes of the spying sun,
In the mines where silver rivers run

The hammers chime on Mithral pure,
As dwarven mines in days of yore,
A craftsman’s work is never done,
In the mines where silver rivers run

To dwarven gods we sing our praise,
Put another orc in a shallow grave,
We know our work has just begun,
In the land where silver rivers run."

-Song of the Mithral Halls, hold of clan Hammerforge

Playing a Dwarf in the Westmarches

All kinds of dwarves can be found within the Storm Holds. Mountain dwarves mostly reside within the underground halls of the Holds, or fighting below the depths with the creatures of the Underdark. Hill dwarves can also be found within the Holds, although it is more likely to see a hill dwarf as a travelling merchant, a diplomat, or a wanderer.

As the quiet peace settled in after the treaty of Thronehold was signed, the news that a land unexplored and unclaimed had been discovered to the west of Lésonne, Westmarch it was called.

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