“After famine and disease almost ruined Karrnath, the nation turned to necromancy to provide new troops. The Karrnathi raised the dead from the battlefields, creating zombies and skeletons to fill their armies. Since most people consider undead to be pure evil, other nations are concerned about Karrnath’s use of them”
-Writings from the Grand Historian Herodotus

It was no surprise that Karrnath, a nation with a long military tradition, was a fierce adversary during the Last War. Today, though, Karrnath works to preserve the peace, both with the rest of the Five Nations, and the other countries on L├ęsonne. Possessing strong ties with Breland and the dwarves of the Storm Holds. Karrnath also seeks a better relationship with Aundair and Thrane, its two main adversaries during the Last War. Every Karrnathi citizen must serve in the military, and many make careers of military service. For centuries, officers have attended the Rekkenmark Academy. Before the Last War, nobles from across Galifar came to the academy for part of their training.

The cold northwest Transylvanian-esque nation of Karrnath is a tough land to live in. It breeds a strong people who’s national pride is stronger than any in the lands.


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