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The World of Orion

History of the Known World of Orion – The planet of Orion and it’s continents.

Cosmology & Calendar – The layout of the cosmos, and the calendar of Orion

Religion – The Gods and Goddesses of Orion


Valgarde – The only established settlement in the Westmarches, Valgarde is the obvious arrival point for anyone traveling to Westmarch.

Player’s Handbook

The Notice Board Current and Finished quests within the lands of Westmarch

The Rules

Travel and Watches

Character Creation (Note, for most of the information regarding character creation refer to the physical Player’s Handbook and/or the basic player’s rule-set found on Wizards of the Coast’s website)

  • For those native to Orion

Races – The races found in the world of Orion

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Lésonne – The main continent of Lésonne.

The Last War – The great civil war that lasted a century.

Day of Mourning – The cataclysmic end to the Last War

The Five Nations – The five major nations that govern the land of Lésonne.

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Main Page

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