Religion in Lésonne

Religion plays a large part within the world, with deities and their followers being an integral part of the world. They do not have a passive role, but in fact interact directly in mortal affairs, answer prayers, and have their own personal agendas. All deities must have worshipers to survive, and all mortals must worship a patron deity to secure a good afterlife. A huge number of diverse deities exist within several polytheistic pantheons. The gods make their homes within the several planes of existence. Cosmology of Orion

Although the common civilian would choose a patron deity, it isn’t uncommon for them to pray to the other gods. A farmer may pray to Chauntea so that his crop may grow bountiful, but also may pray to Malar that wild animals do not threaten his lively hood. A assassin in the night might pray to Bhaal before a kill, but could pray to Sune when she finds a handsome man she wishes to make hers.

The pantheon is divided into several categories, from Overdeity to the lesser deities. The more powerful gods have servants of their own to fulfill their own agendas. For example it’s commonly understood that Helm (a intermediate deity) follows the orders of Tyr (a greater deity) in the pursuit of justice.

The Overdeity & The Greater Deities


The Intermediate Deities


The Lesser Deities


Other Faiths of Orion


The Silver Flame

“Share the faith, The Silver Flame can purify the darkest spirit. Share the power of the Flame with those who have not yet embraced it.”
-Excerpt from the ‘Commandments of the Divine Flame’ written by the paladin Ballador the Bright

The priests and champions of the Silver Flame have battled the forces of darkness for hundreds of years. A relatively young religion, the Church of the Silver Flame has found staunch support across Lésonne. Especially in the nation of Thane, where the church and it’s leader have become the politcal rulers. It’s followers wage a never-ending struggle against evil, fighting demons, devils, and all manner of monsters. Curroption within the church itself however, continues to be the organization’s most relentless foe. Followers of the Flame have dropped any and all allegiance with the greater deities believing that their god to be the one true god.

“Crusaders… I am convinced that they are a unique lot amongst the humans. My theory is that they lack high brain function, unable ot logically assess a situation and calculate an outcome. One has only to make mention of the Silver Flame to get them frothing and battle ready – at which point they will rush headlong into any engagement with complete disregard for their own well being.”
-Last words of the balor demon Turuloch at the Battle of the Red Tides in 253 YK


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