The government of Thrane is different from those of the other Five Nations. The Church of the Silver Flame rules the nation as a theocracy.

Religion plays a major role in everyday life. The first day of the week is entirely devoted to prayer, fasting, and ritual. Three times a day, priests and devout followers celebrate the Mass of Silver Fire. Art and architecture are made to honor the Flame. Buildings use light and soaring spaces to symbolize the glory of the Flame, giving the nation a distinct, religious look.

The nation is devoted to good, and the destruction of supernatural forces of evil is its stated goal. However, many see contradictions in the way Thrane operates. Its laws are repressive, many of the church’s leaders are corrupt, and fanatics have carried out inquisitions and crusades in the Silver Flame’s name in the past. Still,
most citizens and church leaders are honest and tolerant.

Its relatively new government has caused Thrane to become somewhat isolated from other nations. Thrane has attempted to develop an economy that doesn’t depend on imports, but hasn’t been totally successful. Many nations other than Thrane worry that Thrane’s religious government will interfere with their plans. The most prominent envoys of Thrane in other nations are missionaries of the Silver Flame.

Most preach a tolerant version of the faith, but some believe that any religion other than the Silver Flame is evil.


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