A months trip over the choppy Grey Sea lies a recently discovered land, Westmarch. It is there that the dwarf, Baelgun Fireheart, and his Explorers Guild, upon the great elemental airship the Algrimm, landed and found the settlement of Valgarde.

Soon after people followed to Valgarde. It was here, a land unclaimed by the nations of Lésonne, that a person could make a new life for themselves far away from the memories of the Last War. Most folk have taken up fishing along the coast, or farming in the lands around Valgarde.

Years after Valgarde was founded, Baelgun grew restless, he took his crew and flew the Algrimm deeper into the continent. Eye-witnesses at the time said that they saw the elemental ring fail aboard the ship and it went down. Any attempt to fly airships deeper into the continent have ended in catastrophic failure, and any rescue party sent into the wilds never returned. Citizens of Valgarde whisper rumors that Baelgun saw a great tower in his dreams, and he left to find it.

Several different factions have came to Valgarde, either to claim the land, discover it’s mysteries, spread their faith, or fulfill their personal agendas.

While most civilized men and women are content to rest within or closely around Valgarde, a very few feel the call of the untamed wilds beyond the walls. Soon the adventurers, explorers, and restless came to the shores of Westmarch. Bold or quiet- selfish or generous- discontent or curious- you have come here to leave the civilized lands behind and forge a new destiny for yourself.


The Thronehold Alliance – An uneasy alliance of Breland and Karrnath. This alliance was made to claim the lands of the Westmarches against any evils that may threaten the nations of Lésonne.

The Scryers – A contingent of mages sent by the Circle of 8 and a handful of High Elves from the Vasaraset Isles. They made a foothold here after reports of powerful magical artifacts being found within the wilds of Westmarch.

Explorers Guild – Founded by Baelgun Fireheart, the dwarf who discovered the Westmarches. The first faction to be stationed in the Westmarches, they live for the discovery of new lands, ruins, and the history of the land.

Knights of the Flame – Thranish missionaries and knights sent to spread the word of the Silver Flame. Thrane sent a group of paladins and clerics soon after words of a demon infestation was found within the Westmarches.


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